05/25/2016 Maryville Daily Times, 'The Hackensaw Boys: Older, wiser but no less musically enthusiastic'

Moyse’s grin is almost audible, and for good reason — there’s a raucous joy in what the Hackensaw Boys, a vibe that’s been a part of the group from the beginning, when the boys got started playing on the streets of Charlottesville in 1999. Gradually, the members started to hone their combined skills and add their own distinctive influences to the mix. Moyse wouldn’t become a permanent member until later on, but he knows the stories — how Neuhardt spent time drumming in hardcore rock bands and brought his love of thrash-metal acts such as Slayer to bear on bassist former member Jesse Fiske’s rockabilly-inspired bass-slapping.

Over time, the fellas earned a reputation for whipping up a maelstrom of energy that’s equal parts Old Time Appalachian-style bluegrass, classic country and punk. As one reviewer put it, imagine the Carter Family meets the Ramones, and you start to get an idea of the band’s sound. The energy and effervescence the band brings to the stage has won them a following among their peers (they’ve toured with Cake and Modest Mouse) and overseas. A lot of that appeal has to do with the band’s interaction with the audience, a vibe that’s difficult to replicate in a studio setting and was one reason it took a while between the last album and “Charismo,” Moyse said.